A business rental car is necessary regardless of what kind of business you’re in, you’re probably going to need to get into a car—whether driving to meetings, visiting customers, or transporting products. Even if you live in a city with great public transportation, there’s always business travel. With so many vehicle options out there, it’s hard to figure out what best suits your business needs.

When renting a car on business, having the right set of wheels counts. Whether it’s making a good impression with prospects, demonstrating your status, or bringing some horse-power-filled joy into time away from home, what you drive matters.

No one understands this better than Upcruise car rental.  Upcruise is Uganda’s largest business car fleet. Whether it be a Toyota Landcruiser 2013 VX  SUV or a Mistubishi Pajero 2008, searching for and booking a business car online should be easy.

At Upcruise car rental, we understand the importance of making the right first impression. Having been in the industry for years, we’ve seen the different messages a choice of car can communicate. We love cars and we love doing things right, which is why it is our mission to deliver the best choice available to fit clients’ personalities and needs.”

With many SUVs, saloon cars, vans, and trucks to hire, Upcruise has chosen the top four best cars for business travelers to book now.

Here are the best rental cars for a business trip in Uganda


Landcruiser VXL 2013

A 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser is a good rental car for your next trip to your office or going on the field trip out of town It has a comfortable ride, lots of impressive standard features, and the ability to tackle most off-road situations. However, the Land Cruiser has a small cargo area for the segment.

The Land Cruiser seats eight across three rows. The first and second rows are heated, while all three rows feature standard leather. The front-row seats are power-adjustable, while the second row reclines and slides. Both rows are comfortable for passengers, even on long trips. Third-row space is tight and appropriate only for children.

There are complete sets of LATCH child-seat connectors on the rear outboard second-row seats, as well as a middle-seat tether anchor. The Toyota comes with several active safety features: a rearview camera, front, and rear park assist, and a pre-collision system that applies the brakes if it detects an impending collision.

The Land Cruiser rental car also comes standard with adaptive cruise control, which maintains a constant distance to the car in front even when it slows down. The 2013 Land Cruiser has only one trim, and most features are standard. They include HD Radio, a hard-drive-based navigation system with an 8-inch touch screen, a heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel with voice and Bluetooth controls, four-zone automatic climate control, satellite radio, a USB port, a center console cooler box, and a power moonroof. Rent the car here.

2.Landcruiser VX 2010

There is one rental car which has been loved by people all over the world: Toyota Prado! Known for evoking respect and envy, the Prado promises not only reliable driving potential on and off-road but also luxurious interior amenities galore

The roster of safety kits also includes electronic stability control and hill start and downhill assist, plus a blind-spot monitor.

There are specific off-road settings for the electronic stability control, too, as well as other electronics to display the car’s body angle, steering direction, and power distribution to keep you on the right track. In addition, the Invincible has lane assist and a rear cross-traffic monitor – handy when reversing such a large car.

The VX is fit for both city errands and upcountry trips where the road network is still under the standard book. Rent this car today

3. Mitsubishi Pajero 2008

– It also remains as one of the last, off-road focussed station wagons you can rent in a sea of SUVs. Mitsubishi’s long-lived Pajero off-roader is one of the last, true, off-road specialist vehicles.

This rental car also remains as one of the last, off-road focussed station wagons you can rent in a sea of SUVs. Mitsubishi’s long-lived Pajero off-roader is one of the last, true, off-road specialist vehicles. At the front, there’s a double-wishbone set-up that allows for decent steering accuracy, while at the rear, there’s a multi-link independent system.

Pajero rides better than some of its old-school, live-axle counterparts and the steering, in particular, is accurate and precise for this type of vehicle.

The Pajero is almost half a size smaller than the main competition in the form of the Toyota LandCruiser and Nissan Patrol. The Pajero speed is 0 to 100km/h in ten seconds.

It has also got ABS brakes, stability control, traction control, and seat-belt protectors. From 2007 onwards, Pajeros were fitted with ISOFIX child-restraint mounting systems. The Pajero excels in the business of offering as much off-road ability as anybody is ever likely to demand along with more civilized on-road manners thanks to its more sophisticated suspension (compared with its major competitors).

Seven-seat SUVs and cross-overs have largely replaced vehicles like the Pajero as family cars, and that makes sense. But if you want a car that can tackle the great outdoors rather than simply look like it can, then the Pajero is a good choice.


4. Toyota Hiace (Drone)

There are many pros and cons to renting a HiAce. On the other hand, this van is more widely known as a dependable workhorse for various types of businesses. Over the last decade, it even became a staple in transport industries around the world. This is despite having no innovative technical updates since 2005.

This is probably because of its safety features, as well as its comfortable and spacious cabin. It has driver and passenger airbags along with side door impact beams. Aside from those, the HiAce also has ABS, giving it a competitive edge against its main rival, the Nissan NV350 Urvan. With a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, this Toyota van can provide efficient performance on the road, reaching 12.5 km/l with a range of 875km.

Compared to the Urvan, it can travel 92km farther. Long days on the various road conditions are more comfortable with the HiAce’s spacious interior and beautiful exterior. It is worth noting that the interior space has been designed to provide be as gentle on the nerves as possible.

Buyers can also customize the configurations to meet their needs. The air conditioner in the cabin is efficient while the seats are spacious, making the HiAce the ideal commuter van. All things considered, including the 15-seating capacity, you would be surprised to know that the HiAce is one of the most affordable commercial vans in the market.

The car has a 3110 wheelbase with a length of 5380, a height of 2285, and a width of 1880. The Toyota HiAce Commuter even comes with various interesting features, including a stereo system in the front rack door.

Its interior and exterior have a formidable design, making it an appropriately huge-sized van. With its spacious cabin, it can be the perfect vehicle to transport people. What’s more, its flexible design also allows it to be modified for use of tradespeople and the cargo industry. Rent the drone here