10 Reasons Why You Need Car Rental In Uganda 2022

Uganda car rental

I think you will agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY very frustrating trying to get somewhere urgently but your car is not in a position to move.

There are so many reasons when a car rental in Uganda makes a lot of sense.

Whether you are looking to make a great first impression, or just trying to fit the whole family in the car for a ride to grandma’s house in the mountains, renting a car is a great idea.

If you live in a city where public transportation is the best bet and you have given up the cost of car ownership, rental cars are the perfect pay-as-you-need way to save money on car payments and insurance.

Car rental is an option that we know exists, but not all of us know the exact benefits we can receive from it.

Yes, a huge reason to hire a car is for the utmost convenience, but there are also many other factors that we can benefit from when it comes to vehicle rental.

Reason #1: Save on fuel

Your car may be an older model, but most rental companies offer newer models of vehicles.

The latest models are much more fuel-efficient which can save you money on your journeys.

The Landcruiser VX Prado gets a combined city/highway fuel efficiency of 100km per 9.7 liters.

If an SUV isn’t your thing, look into the Toyota wish that runs 14km per 1 liter. Imagine cutting your fuel bill by a third!

Reason #2: Different road situations

If you’re going to be trekking through different locations, such as mountainous roads, then you may be better off using a vehicle that is designed to handle these certain road situations.

With a car rental in Uganda, you can choose the one that suits your needs and can provide you with the most comfortable and appropriate drive possible.

Reason #3: Try before you buy

Have you been thinking about buying that new car?

Rather than just getting the five minutes around the block with a dealer panting in your ear about all the great features of your potential new ride, take it for a weekend trip.

Get to know what you are getting into. Car rental in Uganda deals make it affordable to try before you buy, and some car rental companies even sell cars.

Take it out on the highway for a trip, see how it feels to drive in rush hour traffic.

Learn the quirks for a few days, rather than finding out that there is that one thing that you find completely annoying after you buy.

Reason #4: Altered Image

If you’re attending a special occasion, or maybe you have a very important business meeting, hiring the right car can give off the right impression.

You can create the image you want to and start on the right foot, rather than using your car you use every day that may be looking a bit past its time and worn, giving off the sort of impression you want to avoid.

Reason #5: Give a good first impression

Let’s be honest, we often want to impress other people with our style and appearance.

Since we do not need a luxurious vehicle every day and is rather expensive, it’s certainly more convenient to rent such a car.

You do not want to bother about safety or comfort, so it’s a very good idea to rent our vehicles, which are new and well maintained, safe and super comfortable.

Reason #6: Rent a car that you wish

The offer of various vehicles is usually very large.

At Upcruise car rental Uganda, we offer at least 14 different personal and lighter commercial vehicles, and a lot of prestigious vehicles, such as Landcruiser VX or Landcruiser VXL.

At Upcruise, you will get a great vehicle for a road trip for two, a trip with family and friends, a business meeting, or a larger delegation.

Do not complicate by combining vehicles of the family members and rather rent our fleet and save valuable time for other activities.

Reason #7: Alternative for a car under repair

Short-term leases, even for a day or two, are very common.

When you need an affordable solution and flexibility in any form of drive Upcruise car rental Uganda is practically the only choice.

When your car is on an unforeseen repair, contact Upcruise immediately, we will offer you a quality vehicle at an acceptable price.

What do you get in return? Freedom, carelessness, security.

Reason #8: Avoid certain costs

Rental is also an excellent choice for a longer period.

Cost-saving is mainly due to fuel (rented vehicles are practically new, and therefore their consumption is lower), insurance of cars and persons (costs are taken over by the company that handles your vehicle).

When renting a vehicle, there are no maintenance costs, and the vehicle can be delivered almost anywhere you want.

What about Upcruise car rental Uganda? There is simply no such cost at all since we take over all the care.

Reason #9: Do more

On special occasions, you can surprise family and friends.

Invite them to a picnic, lunch, brag before the envy … Do not miss our VIP offer for weddings, business lunches, conferences, and other similar gatherings.

The car is a dress code and shows the individual’s attitude towards the event.

With us, you will find a perfectly suitable vehicle for each of the opportunities offered by life.

Reason #10: Pick and choose

When hiring a car, you have the luxury of selecting the ideal vehicle for the occasion.

You could be off on a week-long holiday with many friends and family and require a large vehicle to fit both people and luggage in.

Or perhaps you’re taking your wife away for a romantic weekend getaway and just want a small run-around car, you can pick a car that best meets your needs.

So…What Do You Think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of this list?

Or maybe I missed a reason.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.