car rental ugandaToday in this blog I am going to talk about the most misunderstood facts about Uganda car rental.

These facts have been researched by a number of organizations both locally and internationally. I trust the sources used to compile this article.

So if you want to gain more insight into how things are seen in the Uganda car rental industry, you’ll love the reading.

Let’s dive right in;

There are always hidden costs

When renting a car in Uganda, it’s natural to worry that there will be additional charges after the end of the car rental.

You might then assume that the rental fee includes hidden maintenance or service fees.

But at Upcruise car rental, the price is given after you’ve selected the model and indicated your rental details is the final amount you would be paying for.

There are no hidden costs in the form of service, maintenance, or even insurance fees.

As such, renting a car is sure to be a more affordable option than owning one.

It’s always difficult to secure a rental

Requesting a car rental in Kampala can lead you to expect a huge amount of paperwork or a long waiting time before securing the car rental.

But you most definitely would not need to stretch yourself as much as purchasing a car.

You are also free to opt for either daily, weekly, or monthly car rental.

Contrary to that, more private car rental has rolled out efficient processes.

You can simply fill in their car rental form online or call the office line at all times with the car model and rental period.

The company will pick up your order easily and fast.

As for the more legal aspect of renting, the minimum age differs at different rental companies, so be sure to check before renting.

As long as you’ve secured the above, your application process will be smooth sailing and be cleared in no time.


There isn’t much flexibility to the rental

When you borrow a car, you might assume that there are mileage restrictions or guidelines for you to adhere to.

Instead of limits, the only common policy in some cases is to top up the fuel tank to full when you return the car.

In addition, there is a common misconception that when a mistake is made to your booking, you’re unable to change it.

But up until you collect the vehicle, you can request to alter your booking.

If you urgently need to extend your car rental, let our team know and we will process the extension right away!

There May Be More Fees When Renting at an Airport

There’s no doubt that renting a car can be an intensive experience.

According to Travelocity, the cost of renting a car from the airport as opposed to just going to a standalone location can be drastically higher.

Part of this price increase is due to the demand, which is much higher at the airport whereas a car rental store might experience very few sales in a day.

There May Be More Fees When Renting at an Airport

There’s no doubt that renting a car can be an intensive experience.

According to Travelocity, the cost of renting a car from the airport as opposed to just going to a standalone location can be drastically higher.

Part of this price increase is due to the demand, which is much higher at the airport whereas a car rental store might experience very few sales in a day.

Car Rentals are Expensive.

This is the most common myth in the Uganda car rental industry.

Car rentals can be expensive if you choose a high-end car, or if you look for renting a car at the very last moment.

Otherwise, you have a reasonable chance of finding good deals.

We have to pay for every little damage

This is a very common myth.

There are many stories about a friend’s friend who had to pay so much for any damage caused to the rental car.

In reality, of course depending on the car rental company, for small damages, like smaller pebbles, we don’t have to pay.

The Bigger the car rental company, the better

Well, not always.

Bigger car rental companies may offer you more choices, but they can also be less than responsive.


On the other hand, there are smaller car rental companies in Uganda that provide excellent service.

You can rough up the Car since you paid for it

You have rented the car but do not own it.

So, it is important to ride in the car safely and not abuse it.

As mentioned earlier, they will charge for any damage, and you will have to pay the bill.

The Newer the Car Rental Company, the Better the Cars

It is not true that you always get a good car if you choose a new rental company.

The reason is that car renting is majorly done by the tourists and they would have often taken it on long drives.

You may not get Car Rentals Anymore

If you have heard this one then probably someone has disagreed with a Car Rental Company, most likely about vehicle damage.

If that is the case, that person may have been added to the Uganda car rental blacklist.

However, honest customers needn’t worry because rental companies are competing with each other and they do not want to lose customers.


No one Cleans Rental Cars at all 

Not true.

If the car is being used for special occasions and purposes, it is cleaned by the company or the person using it on some occasions.

Or, they will pay to get it washed even if it is a hired car.

You will get the Car you Booked

It is not always true that you will get the car you booked.

Most of the companies strive to get you the same car that you asked for.

But, there is a possibility that might not happen in some cases.

However, you won’t get a smaller car than the one you have paid for.

For instance, if you book a Toyota wish of a particular model, you will get another Toyota wish and not a Raum.

Car Rentals Work 24/7

This is another common myth.

Most car rental companies have fixed office hours.

If it is your holiday time, moving home, small business products to be carried, or visiting your relative another city or state, car hire or van rental is the very best thing to choose.

It allows us to delight in everything working as planned by you.

And the greatest thing is you ENJOY your trip to the maximum.

You do not need to fret about the fuel and upkeep of the vehicle.

However, when you have to lease a van or choose Uganda car rental, finding the ideal company might be a nightmare for you.

The marketplace is flooded with the business that will lure you to the offer and the consequences you suffer.

It ends up being very hard to decide which company to pick from as everybody is having their USP.

You have your quote with you and you feel you are done to find that there are other deposits to be included on.

This is at completion a personal choice though.

The company you choose depends on your spending plan to employ a van and the type you have chosen for the task.

Grab the very best deal as quickly as you had your eye on it.

While the majority of the companies would not tell you about the method to select the ideal van. There are 2 classifications:-.

SWB stands for Brief Wheel Base.

LWB stands for Long Wheel Base.

The wheelbase has an excellent effect on the stabilizing motion of the van.

It is the measure in between the axles of the front and rear wheels.

How will and how much a van can manage the load, all depends upon the wheelbase.

Now the next thing to consider is type, you understand which base your van should have, the kind of van.

There are generally three kinds of vans widely used.

Transit van: – It is utilized for holiday purposes.

It is rather small. It has got sloping sides so it is not ideal for packing.

Luton box van:- It refrigerator truck is used for moving home.

It is medium-sized.

7.5-tonne wagon: – It is a truck used for heavy loads.

As soon as you have thought about the type, get the quote.

Comprehend it from the company agent and ask as many concerns as you can.

Do not keep any doubts in your mind.

It is you who are going to pay.

Request for the insurance if they are using, discount rates, sustaining fines if you are unable to return on time, en route assistance, and covert expenses.

There is no difference between the car rental companies.

Many customers think, that the car rental service in Kampala takes under the same conditions for all companies.

But this is not true. Every car rental company has its GTC (general terms and conditions).

In them, there are similar sections, but we can find significant differences in them.


With so many perks to car rentals, there are more reasons to secure your next rental car and take your family out for a weekend spin!

As a car rental company, we provide an array of options from major car rental companies to affordable local car rental companies.

Whether you need a car rental in Kampala or anywhere else in the country, we’re here to journey with you for your ideal rental and driving experience.

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