Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rental Services In Uganda

How old do you have to be to rent a car?

According to Uganda traffic law, for one to drive must be 18+. No person under such age can hire a car in Uganda.

As long as you are 18+ you are good to go

What´s required when renting a car in Uganda?

You must be 18 years old. You must have enough money to pay for the car either bank transfer, cash or visa.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

Yes, you can rent a car without a credit card. Most car rental companies in Uganda accept both cash and bank transfer.

Payment can be made in both Uganda shillings and USD.

How do insurance coverages work for rental cars?

Some car rental companies offer a variety of insurance coverages including coverage against damages to the vehicle, its occupants, and third parties.

Cars that are comprehensively insured come at an extra dollar than cars with only third-party insurance.

If safety is a priority on your road trip then rent comprehensively insured cars here

What are my payment options?

When you rent a vehicle with Upcruise car rental you can choose between:

  • Payment at pickup: You can pay for the car the day you are going to travel. There is a downside to missing out on your favorite car if another person pays before you. Bookings are done upon payment.
  • Online Payment: Pay for your entire reservation, including any extras, online. online payments will be charged in Uganda shillings through flutter wave (a global payments platform). For more information on how flutter wave works, or to open an account, please visit their Help section.
  • Partial payment: choosing this method, you guarantee your reservation by paying only 60% percent of the value of the contracted period, and the remaining amount is paid directly at the rental counter only when you pick up the vehicle.

How can I get a receipt?

Upcruise car rental Uganda does provide a receipt for your car rental. You can request your receipt or download it in case you made an online payment.

What’s included in the rental fee?

Your daily fee includes a 24-hour vehicle rental period (starting from the time you sign your rental agreement), unlimited mileage, and the rental company’s administrative fees. Furthermore, when booking your rental car, you may be offered the option of adding on extras to your vehicle keep in mind that it is entirely up to you whether or not to add them to your rental in uganda.

The daily fee at some destinations depends on the pick-up and drop-off times established in the rental agreement. In such cases, even if your rental period does not complete 24 hours, you will be charged for a 24-hour rental period. It is important to note that even if your rental period is less than 24 hours if you don’t return the vehicle at the established time, you will be charged for an additional rental period of 24 hours.

Modifying a reservation paid for via Flutter wave

Making a change to your booking is quick, easy, and can be done via your account page or by reaching out to our Booking Center. If the change in your booking calls for a reduction in the amount already paid, Upcruise car rental will refund the difference via Flutterwave. On the other hand, if the change calls for an increase in price, Upcruise car rental will send you a link redirecting you to Flutterwave’s payments page where you will be able to pay for the difference.

Cancelling a reservation paid for via Flutterwave

Bookings paid for on-line, whether entirely or partially, must be canceled through Upcruise car rental, never through Flutterwave.

If you cancel your reservation through Flutterwave, Flutterwave will have to check whether or not a transaction from you to Upcruise car rental was completed and if the service paid for was received but, since the booking will still be active, Flutterwave will understand that the service was in fact received and they will not refund the amount.

When you cancel your booking directly through Upcruise, we inform Flutterwave of the cancelation, and the amount paid is returned to your account without any hassles.

Find out how to cancel your reservation.

If you cancel your reservation before the pick-up date, you will be charged 5% of the total amount paid so as to cover the incurred administrative expenses. If you cancel your reservation after the set pick-up date, however, you will be charged a total equivalent to a one-day daily rate.

Some rental companies may charge a cancellation fee, which is a percentage of the reservation amount if cancellation is made within 24 hours prior to vehicle pickup. To avoid this charge, please request cancellation at least 48 hours in advance.

Please note: the rental company cancellation fee will be added to Upcruise cancellation policy.